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Telindus' CaaS portal

As part of the implementation of its CaaS offers "Collaboration as a Service" Telindus wanted to create a portal. This portal is the heart of the CaaS offering. It is a tool for the promotion and management that will assist all stakeholders in the lifecycle of the offer to the customer: key user customer, internal and external sales team, internal and external technical team, responsible management of internal and external supply and all administrative functions of management control.

The business challenges of the project was to acquiring new customers by converting prospects into customers, retain existing customers by supporting them in their evolution to cloud, deploy complementary services to the customer and increase the number of users.

At the beginning we had a technical specification document which describe the functionalities of the service. In order to do a user oriented service we did a user journey to the see the interactions between users and which feature they were using. From there we did a service based on a set of applications with mobile behavior and which can display data visualization.


Telindus - Strategy
Telindus - Strategy
Telindus - Strategy

User journey

Telindus - user journey

Story board

Telindus - storyboard


Telindus - wireframes
Telindus - wireframes