Responsive redesign of France Mutuelle’s website

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France Mutuelle
Strategic support, benchmark, user scenario, information architecture, wireframe, prototype, functional specifications
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Sr. UX Designer
France Mutuelle

France Mutuelle has a very loyal but older customers. They naturally decrease as a result of death. These loyal customers generate high margin so their decrease has a direct impact on turnover and profitability. In order to gain new clients, France Mutuelle wants to develop its range of offers, strengthen its loyalty and modernize its relational tool like the website or digital tools as they play a major role in rejuvenating the brand and match the new target's needs and uses.

The main goal of this redesign was to update this website and decide how to display new offers on the internet and push the client to do a quotation. France Mutuelle also needed to educate people and to enhance the quality of the relationship with members taking into account the requirements and users behavior.

I began by analyzing the structure of the existing website and made a competitive benchmark with particular attention to online quote and home page. In parallel, the user research team has tested the website in order to gather insights. All this material has enabled us to conduct a scoping strategical workshop in which we defined France Mutuelle's new positioning, the list of content and features as well as key user scenarios. In order to do a simpler quotation tool we did a decision tree and transpose it into a step by step quotation tools.

Content and functionalities

France Mutuelle - Content and functionalities

User scenario

France Mutuelle - scenario

Story board

France Mutuelle - storyboard


France Mutuelle - wireframe