Design of Direct-Optic e-commerce website with the check-out process for ordering frame and glasses

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Direct Optic
Benchmark, user scenario, information architecture, wireframe, prototype, functional specifications
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UX Designer
Direct-Optic's e-commerce website with the check-out process for ordering frame and glasses

Pioneer in online sale prescription glasses, Direct-Optic has the ambition to provide, at much lower price, glasses which quality equals to that of traditional opticians. To support its new advertising campaign, Direct-Optic wanted to redesign its website and create the check out process.

The main goal was to transform direct Optic’s showcase website into an e-commerce website. Also, the client should be able to order his glasses in addition to his frames during the check out.

In order to provide the best experience we defined key scenarios which helped me to sketch several pages as well as the check-out process for ordering frame and glasses. This process requires many steps and information, it was important to view it as a whole to make it as simple and logical as possible. To do that, we did a check out in 2 steps : One where the user can personalize his glasses choosing its range, its thickness and color glasses and the other is the basic e-commerce check out where we added all information and procedures relating to the reimbursement.

Existing analysis

Direct Optic - Existing analysis


Direct Optic - Sketches


Direct Optic - wireframe
Direct Optic - wireframe